Flair Dex

The ve(3,3) dex - Avalanche blockchain

What is Flair?

Flair Dex, supporting Volatile and Stable Swaps With Very Low Slippage, Minimal Fees, and Ve(3,3) NFT on Avalanche blockchain
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What is the Yield Optimizer solution?

If you wish to join $veFLDX, Champion Optimizer allows you to earn a larger share of trading fees and voting rewards, as well as a share of the additional boosted $FLDX emissions that is earned by Liquidity providers in exchange for you providing boost to the protocol.
If you wish to be a Liquidity Provider, Champion Optimizer enables you to earn additional boosted FLDX rewards without having to lock $veFLDX.
Champion Optimizer solution for FLAIR include:
  • Champion FLDX - $cpFLDX wrapper
  • FLAIR Auto-compound Vault

What is the $cpFLDX wrapper?

$cpFLDX is the overcollateralized Champion-escrowed $FLDX & $vèLDX (FLAIR DEX - Avalanche chain)
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What is the FLAIR LP staking pool?

User create liquidity on FLAIR platform and receive a receipt token (for example: when created FLDX-USDt LP on Volatile pool, you will receive Volatile AMM - FLDX/USDt receip token). User deposit Solidlizard's receipt token into FLAIR Auto-compound Vaults on Champion Optimizer platform to enjoy the boosted $FLDX emission yield and build up their liquidity by auto-compounded.
Create liquidity on FLAIR:
Stake/deposit Solidlizard's receipt token into Champion Optimizer platform:

How about the fee?

Liquidity providers who use Champion Optimizer earn a greater share of boosted $FLDX emissions. This is made possible thanks to those who have locked $FLDX & $veFLDX on $cpFLDX. In return, they earn a share of the rewards they have helped boost.
Total of 5% fee, including:
  • Buy FLDX and lock to build up voiting & boositng power of $cpFLDX: 2%
  • CF&DF Treasury: 2.5%
  • Harvest Calling fee: 0.5%

A win-win relationship between $FLDX holders and Liquidity Providers!