What is $CHAM?

CHAM tokens are revenue shares in Champion Optimizer, through which holders earn profits generated by Champion Optimizer when staked, and are entitled to vote on important platform decisions.
CHAM is the native governance token of our project. By staking it in a xCHAM pool or any CHAM liquidity vault, or by simply holding this token in your wallet, users can take part in the DAO decision-making governance processes of Champion Finance. It does not matter on which chain you hold or stake CHAM, since the governance snapshot is multi-chain compatible. Users do not need to un-stake their tokens to participate in the voting process. This incentivizes much more voter participation as it means users don’t miss rewards. More details of the voting procedure will be updated.
For all the vaults deployed on every blockchain, Champion Optimizer has its native governance token CHAM at its core. Platform revenue is generated from a small percentage of all the vault profits and distributed back to those who stake CHAM. The revenue sharing mechanics enable you to stake CHAM to earn more CHAM in an xCHAM Single staking/buyback pool and earn blue chips like ETH, BNB, FTM, MATIC, AVAX, and more in the xCHAM Earnings Pools.
The supply of CHAM is limited at 72,001 tokens and available on various decentralized exchanges such as Trader Joe and PancakeSwap.
CHAM emission will end on 25th July 2023.
CHAM staked in the xCHAM pool allows users to accumulate more CHAM. In order to distribute CHAM to anyone who has staked in the xCHAM pool, CHAM buy-backs from the open market are performed as the token is non-inflationary and will not mint any more CHAM tokens, ever.

How is the protocol revenue distributed?

All revenue generated on the platform from vault fees is sent to and handled by the RewardPool smart contract in the form of the native token of the chain. Anyone who stakes their CHAM in a xCHAM Single Staking/Buyback pool and in the xCHAM Earnings Pools receives their proportional share.

What is the xCHAM Single Staking/Buyback Pool?

Where can I buy $CHAM?

$CHAM can currently be found in several decentralized exchanges including traderjoe and PancakeSwap.
Buying $CHAM usually involves exchanging it for another crypto-coin or token through a liquidity pool.
You can earn CHAM as a farming rewards on Champion Algorithm until 25th July 2023

How do I use my $CHAM?

To stake your $CHAM, head over to the Champion Optimizer site and search for our xCHAM Pools. You can also deposit your $CHAM into LP positions either by finding an LP vault on the Champion Optimizer site, or by heading to one of our partner Dexes and investing in the LP directly on their site. Finally, to use your $CHAM for voting, head over to our Snapshot site and read through the Governance page for more details.