Champion Optimizer Fees Breakdown

On Champion we're proud to be doing things a little more transparently.
  • No deposite and withdraw fee!
  • With our vaults, performance fees are included in the APY.
So what you see is exactly what you get.
Our vaults on Champion Finance charge a fixed performance fee structure on their harvest rewards. These fees are distributed back to xCHAM stakers, the treasury, our strategists and the user that harvests the vault. They are the main source of revenue for the platform.
Here's what a typical vault looks like:
  • 1.0% is distributed back to CHAM stakers;
  • 2.0% is allocated to the Champion Optimizer treasury;
  • 0.5% is awarded to the vault strategist; and
  • 0.5% is awarded to the one calling the harvest function.
Apart from the fees fully listed above, anyone using Champion should also remember the network transaction fees when adding or removing funds. These small fees go to the operators keeping the blockchain running, not Champion.
Bottom line: fees matter.
When a Champion vault offers you an investment with 14.46% APY, that's always with fees already factored in...
$1M invested for 30 years at 14.46 % APY yields…$57,492,639 million
With Champion, what you see is what you get.