Introducing Champion Optimizer's Unique Revenue Share Model

By buying $CHAM and staking in xCHAM SS/buyback Pool, you have something unique
At long last DeFi adopters are beginning to realize that it's ridiculous to believe so strongly in a better financial system, and then spoil the whole moment with degenerate gambling.
Hence, the growing popularity of decentralized projects with sustainable tokenomics and platform governance.
They're in a class by themselves.
These projects are more efficient, have better stability and security and are more likely to attract the attention of the market.
Owning $CHAM not only allows you to participate in platform governance, but also to start earning daily interest payments by staking your holdings in the right place.
Here's where things get remarkable — listen closely.
All the APYs you see on Champion vaults have the platform fees factored in. These fees are used to buy back more $CHAM from the open market every single day and reward it to those who have their holdings staked in the xCHAM buyback pool
So by buying CHAM and staking in xCHAM buyback pool, you have something unique:
Daily revenue from a non-inflationary revenue token where the "company" buys shares off the market every day, and gives you more of them.
This creates a financial "flywheel" for your money, where a continuously improving set of repeatable, tactical actions scale with decreasing friction to grow your investment.
In other words, yesterday's gains are tomorrow's capital.
Champion is being built by a group of dedicated smart contract codesmen, backed by a community of UI, UX, strategists, statisticians, designers and artists.
That's why the smart money is on Champion Optimizer.