How to bridge CHAM cross-chain

In this guide you will find the required steps to bridge CHAM cross-chain using Metamask and Multichain.
As a true multichain token, CHAM can be staked to earn a share of Champion's revenue on every chain integrated by Champion. Each chain holds different opportunities for staking your CHAM, just check out the different APYs of the chain's xCHAM pool!


  • You need to have the current and destination network configured in your Metamask.
  • You will need the current and destination chain's native gas token to pay for transaction fees.


You may bridge CHAM from any of the support networks. As an example, we are going to bridge CHAM from Avax to BSC in this guide.

2. Switch network to Avax and connect your wallet

3. Select CHAM to send

Click the USDC icon in the "From" field,
and select CHAM:

4. Select CHAM to receive

At this step, you can select on which network you wish to receive CHAM. Click on the destination chain, we select BSC in this guide.

5. Specify the amount to send

Either type in the amount, or click your balance.

6. Read the terms of service

Multichain Reminder on Jan 2023

6. Send it!

If you consent with the terms of service, click the "Swap" button.
That's it! Your CHAM will now be sent to the BSC network!