Earn extra yield on top of your vault earnings!
As The Multichain Yield Optimizer, Champion always wants to make sure that the users have the best experience possible using Champion and get the highest APY with the least amount of manual effort. In order to do just that, we have expanded on the initial vault offering with a service called Champion Boost in which we promote exciting projects on various chains. Together with the promotion, we boost certain vaults with the partner's token in order to give you the best APY.

What is a Boost Pool?

When you deposit in a Champion vault, you receive a 'receipt' token prefixed with 'co' in your wallet. When a Boost Pool is available, you may stake that token in the Boost Pool to receive the extra earnings benefit. You earn extra yield on top of your vault earnings!

How do I use Champion Boost?

First, look for a boosted vault in our main app and deposit the tokens that are asked for in the vault. Then, proceed to the Boost section to stake your coToken "deposit receipts". Stake these coTokens and you are all done! You can easily come back here to check on your earned partner tokens and withdraw at any time.

How do I see my earned tokens?

Enter the vault where you deposited your coTokens and it will show you a nice summary of your earned tokens.

What are coTokens?

A coToken is an interest-bearing, tokenized proof of deposit that you will receive at the moment you deposit in a Champion vault. One can view coTokens as the receipt of your vault deposit. Read more about coTokens under the Vaults section:
  • What are coTokens?
  • How do coTokens earn interest?
  • How do I redeem coTokens for the initially deposited tokens?
  • What are the advantages of the coToken system?

How long will the Boosted vault last?

There is a timer shown in the Boost section for each boosted vault. This is nothing you really need to keep track of since you can always come back after a vault is finished and withdraw then.

Do I have to manually unstake from the Boost when it is finished?

Yes, this is a mandatory user action when the Boost ends. For safety reasons, Champion Optimizer can not move your tokens back to your wallet. You can just come back after the Boost is finished to unstake your coTokens together with the partner tokens, at any time, by hitting "Claim & Unstake".

Can I enter multiple boosted vaults at once?

Absolutely! Just deposit the required tokens in one or multiple of our boosted vaults and then deposit your coTokens in the Boost section. Repeat this step for every boosted vault you want to be a part of.

Are boosted vaults safe to use?

Yes! Champion always develops with safety in mind and has made sure the boosted vaults are completely safe. They are hosted by Champion, and Champion has gotten the boost tokens from our partners and uses our own vaults for the reward. The coTokens you stake to receive the boost tokens do not leave Champion site.

If I enter a partner vault with my coTokens, will I still earn the ordinary vault reward?

Yes! The ordinary tokens you deposited in our main vaults will earn the ordinary rewards and be compounded as usual, even if it is boosted. This is because the coTokens you deposit to enter the Launchpool boost are interest-bearing. By using the boosted vault, you earn both the vault tokens and partner tokens as a boost.

How come the APY shown at launch is not the same as it is now?

APY is the “annual percentage yield” and is calculated by compounding your yield interest daily. The daily yield in turn is based on factors such as the reward rate and the total amount of deposited tokens that share the rewards. When more people and in turn tokens enter the pool, the fixed yield is shared by more people (tokens) hence the daily yield will become lower and in turn, lower the APY. In the same way, if people (tokens) exit the vault, there are fewer people (tokens) sharing the fixed reward and the daily yield will increase and in turn, APY will increase.

Are the promoted project and its tokens safe?

When partnering with a certain project, Champion always makes an overall due diligence check of the project to get a sense of its sincerity and safety. For this, Champion follows a stringent set of safety rules, as outlined in Champion SAFU Practices. Despite the project being safe code-wise, we can never guarantee if the partner token is worth holding. Therefore it is always up to you to make your financial decisions, to make sure that the partnering project is a project that you want to support or not, and that the partner token is one you want to hold or sell. Champion cannot, and will not take any responsibility for your personal actions.